Research in advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and innovative services represent pillars of our future development. We are determined in moving along these directions because we believe in the potentialities of the aerospace industry growth, in the continuous stimulation of the exploration spirit and in the beneficial impacts increasingly produced at commercial and social levels.


We believe that qualities like Excellence, Efficiency, Security, Team-working, Attention to details and Availability toward the client requests are undamental to obtain the best results from our activities. These values, along with our professionality and competences, have already contributed to reach many goals and national & international collaborations.


ARCA Dynamics, thanks to its versatility and know-how in many fields of the aerospace world, proposes innovative solutions to cope with all the challenges related to the market of small satellites. We make this possible by means of the experience in Research & Development gained with the activities of our members.


Since our foundation, research and development have represented fundamental elements of our work. Searching for innovative solutions, experimenting forefront technologies and updating on the last novelties of the aerospace world are distinguish features of our team.