From 2009, the founding members have collaborated for the research activities of the laboratory ARCA in the School of Aerospace Engineering in Rome. Here, they have worked synergistically for the development of innovative space robotics technologies.

In 2016 ARCA Dynamics (A​dvanced R​esearch & C​onsulting for A​erospace) has been founded with the awareness and the will to contribute to the technological  progress of the Italian space industry. Our specific know-how and expertise, along with  the expected challenges of the future space missions, make us identify our reference market segment in the nano- and small-satellites. Our concern is the development of novel technologies for the attitude determination and control system (ADCS).

Given the thorough knowledge of the current scientific and technological framework, ARCA Dynamics has focused its effort in improving the integration, optimization and design of technological devices for ADCS. Our goal is to contribute to the newborn market of cubesats with a family of highly competitive products with respect to price and technological quality.

Many collaborations have been already established by our members with other influencing national and international companies, obtaining important and appreciated results contributing to success of our company.



To cope with the dynamism of the present aerospace industry, we exploit the best of our technical and computer competences to offer top-level consulting services. Our mission is helping our clients to search for the most innovative and advantageous solutions.


In these last years ARCA Dynamics has established many collaborations with other companies and public institutes, proposing projects for public tenders to finance research activities and offering products and technical consulting.



ARCA Dynamics has the competencies and skills to offer a wide range of technologies and services. We provide solutions for the small satellites world with innovative and advanced  hardware and software products.